Whoopi Goldberg is Receiving Ben Platt on the View

Whoopi Goldberg

As Whoopi said, one of the hottest and amazing show on Broadway was discussed on the View. Ben Platt got a rousing reception from the audience and shared his own understanding of Evan Hansen’s deeds. Mr. Platt was eagerly telling the story in an insightful way.

The psychological implication of the main character made Whoopi Goldberg find a better of the best adjectives to describe how much she was impressed. There were lots of reviews to fully characterize the musical. However, the person who played Evan definitely produced the best description: “A super morally ambiguous show in a really beautiful way about the good things that can come from lies”.

Another point of discussion was the way Ben Platt cries in the show. He does it 8 times a week and it is so emotional! What is more, he is crying and singing at the same time. Mr. Platt shared with the audience how he manages to do it. He says that their gorgeous orchestrations help him approach this crying moment. The remorseful feelings he undergoes and heart-rendering melodies result in sincere tears rolling down his face.

This universal and generational story touches a wide range of feelings. Morgan Freeman, Kate Hudson, Meryl Streep are of the same opinion – this is the best show they have ever seen!

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