Show Must Go On: Changes in the Cast

Ben Platt

The leading actor Ben Platt is going to say good-bye to the musical “Dear Evan Hansen”. His last performance in the role of an isolated teenager will take place in November.

The producers of the show don’t know how the change will affect the performance in terms of money.

People really love Ben Platt and his leaving is a theatrical tragedy for fans.

No exaggeration, “Dear Evan Hansen” is as popular as “Hamilton”, “Book of Mormon”. They say that the musical succeeded thanks to Ben Platt and his charismatic character.

The reason for his departure is the end of the contract. For the time being, his contract cannot be prolonged. Can Ben Platt play one more year such a troublesome teenager?

Once Mr. Platt mentioned “I don’t mind living “monkish existence” to keep his body and mind in the right condition to tackle the role every night, but a year is a long time to keep that up”.

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