Pre-Tony Gatherings of Hansen’s and Hamilton’s Cast

Tony awards

Celebrities are extremely busy having Tony Awards on June, 11. So many preparatory things to do and so little time left. However, they could not miss one of pre-tony event, which was Broadway Audience Choice Awards.

Cheeky press was in search of a star to ask a couple of tricky questions. Actors of “Dear Evan Hansen” and “Hamilton” came into the spotlight.

The first interviewee happened to be Lexi Lawson, the lady who is playing the role of Eliza Hamilton. Mrs. Lawson conceded that she was not fond of audience singing along at each play. She said: “I guess I’m fine with them singing, as long as I can’t hear them”. She is likely to find it distracting. Thus, keep your voice down when Eliza comes on the stage as not to disorientate her.

Another prey of the press was J. Quinton Johnson. Hercules Mulligan and James Madison are played by him. He told us about some of his former girlfriends. Strange to relate but they don’t feel like restoring a love story with him. All they want is tickets for free!

Mike Faist wasn’t as frank as his colleagues. He didn’t say whether he will leave the show or not. He preferred to veil it with mystery. Whichever decision he will make, it would be really hard for him to say good-bye to the cast: “We’ve been together so long, it really is a family. I’ve created this character that I feel is very much a part of me”.

The last interviewee who fell victim to curious journalists was Andrew Runnels. He is looking forward to his trip to Greece. Mr. Andrew has been working really hard during the last six years. That is why his upcoming vacations (after the 11th of June) are eagerly anticipated by him.

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