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Dear Evan Hansen talks Mental Health in Awareness Event

Tony-winning Broadway show, Dear Evan Hansen facilitated a mental-health-focussed conversation and a sensational performance of “You Will Be Found” at the TIME’s headquarters on May 10 in concurre... Read More

Ben Platt

Show Must Go On: Changes in the Cast

The leading actor Ben Platt is going to say good-bye to the musical “Dear Evan Hansen”. His last performance in the role of an isolated teenager will take place in November. The producers of ... Read More

Dear Evan Hansen

A Long Way to Broadway and Recognition

Now that the musical “Dear Evan Hansen” is seen everywhere we take it for granted. However, the team of its creators worked hard nearly a decade. It resulted in a wide recognition both among ... Read More


Dear Evan Hansen Teaches Unites and Helps People

Lots fans anticipated the arrival of Ben Platt on a warm July evening. The leading actor of the musical “Dear Evan Hansen” is a bright star that is meant to shine brighter! His talent fully ... Read More

Mika Faist - Dear Evan Hansen

Mike Faist and his Preparations for the Tony Awards

The cast of “Dear Evan Hansen” greedily saves the energy for evening performances. They take a nap in their dressing rooms, take a stroll in the afternoon as they feel constantly tired. However, ... Read More

Pre-Tony Gatherings of Hansen’s and Hamilton’s Cast

Celebrities are extremely busy having Tony Awards on June, 11. So many preparatory things to do and so little time left. However, they could not miss one of pre-tony event, which was Broadway Audience ... Read More

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg is Receiving Ben Platt on the View

As Whoopi said, one of the hottest and amazing show on Broadway was discussed on the View. Ben Platt got a rousing reception from the audience and shared his own understanding of Evan Hansen’s ... Read More

Ben Platt

Ben Platt will be a Tony Holder?

Annual Tony Award is accompanied with probable winners going by high ratings. In 2016 people were nearly 100% sure that “Hamilton” will get a Tony for the Best Musical. The same thing is happening ... Read More

TCG Logo

The Publication of “Dear Evan Hansen” by TCG

Theatre Communications Group is the national organization the aim of which is to support and strengthen professional non-profit theatres. Within years, a small company turned into a large establishment ... Read More