Mike Faist and his Preparations for the Tony Awards

Mika Faist - Dear Evan Hansen

The cast of “Dear Evan Hansen” greedily saves the energy for evening performances. They take a nap in their dressing rooms, take a stroll in the afternoon as they feel constantly tired. However, when a showtime starts, fatigue immediately feels away.

Mike Faist who plays the role of Connor Murphy, carved out a minute for fitting. A hat and sunglasses cannot guarantee attention-free movement. Hugh Jackman is on Mike’s way and it would be rude not to talk with him for a sec. Jackman is fond of the performance: “It’s my second time here and I plan on coming back again with my daughter. I’m turning into a stalker!”

After that, Mike was moving in the direction of W train to SoHo. What a coincidence! Michael Greif (the director of “Dear Evan Hansen”) was sitting in the subway. They burst out laughing.
Finally, Mike is free and he can go for his fitting. Mr. Faist hurried down busy streets being thoroughly disguised as not to be recognized by fans. Crap, it didn’t work out! A Japanese girl shouted in a great surprise “Oh my God! What!” Another person next to Mike said: “You’re an actor in “Dear Evan Hansen”, Broadway musical”. “Oh no, I don’t do the musicals.” – responded Faist and kept moving in his direction.

The long way is over. Simon Jacobs, the tailor, gets down to making necessary adjustments. He pins back his pants experimenting with looks to define the best one. His black Billy Reid monk strap shoes perfectly match the suit Mr. Jacobs helped to create. The outfit is almost done as one point hasn’t been chosen yet – a tie or not a tie? Mike Feist already has an answer for the question. He is going to take the tie he used to wear in 1990 (when he was awarded with an Oscar for “My Left Foot”).

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