A Long Way to Broadway and Recognition

Dear Evan Hansen

Now that the musical “Dear Evan Hansen” is seen everywhere we take it for granted. However, the team of its creators worked hard nearly a decade. It resulted in a wide recognition both among audience and critics.

The producer of the show, Stacey Mindich mentioned that the musical was created with love of every member this endeavor involved. Each person who did something for the performance is so thankful for spectators. They received the show beyond the limit we expected.

The ladder to popularity was high. Years of polishing over the plot and all the things related to theatrical issues. Then, the start from Washington DC, Off Broadway and finally Broadway.
Benj Pasek, Justin Paul, Steven Levenson and Michael Greif have put titanic efforts to get we have now! The story of “Dear Evan Hansen” is not just a musical, it is a touchstone for families to define whether everything is okay with their relationships. The idea of the play is aimed at changing people’s destinies for the better.

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