Dear Evan Hansen Teaches Unites and Helps People


Lots fans anticipated the arrival of Ben Platt on a warm July evening. The leading actor of the musical “Dear Evan Hansen” is a bright star that is meant to shine brighter!
His talent fully revealed in the role of an isolated teenager. Not only people remember Platt for his excellent acting but for his marvelous speech at the Tony Award 2017 as well.

Remember the speech he delivered after he had been awarded for The Best Actor? It was so true and meaningful. Ben Platt said how much is important to be the way you are. Let’s not pretend to be someone else as we grow weaker when we put on a masque not belonging to us. “…the things that make you strange are the things that make you powerful”.

His message is directed at all of us though teenagers are in the spotlight when a thing concerns social anxiety, the power of media or social ranking. This is what “Dear Evan Hansen” is about. People arrive at different conclusions once they have watched the show.

The show has attracted a great deal of celebrities. People from different parts of the country were coming at Arena Stage in Washington by plane to witness the show directed by Michael Greif.

All the hustle and bustle over the musical is not a hype. “Dear Evan Hansen” is an occasion for people to unite and decide issues bothering them. Young theatregoers create Facebook groups and add the things they find the most interesting.

Fans all around the country listen to the songs from the show daily. Each song implies lots of tints of emotions. Here you laugh your head off and there you burst out crying. Isn’t it your turn to get hooked on the show? Get Dear Evan Hansen musical tickets here.

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