Ben Platt will be a Tony Holder?

Annual Tony Award is accompanied with probable winners going by high ratings. In 2016 people were nearly 100% sure that “Hamilton” will get a Tony for the Best Musical.

The same thing is happening to Ben Platt. Audience is sure of his victory in the nomination the Best Actor. A slight doubt crept into your soul? He appeared on Monday “The Late Show” to dispel it.

Ben Platt

Ben Platt performed “For Forever”. The song is emotionally the strongest one. It reflects Evan’s Hansen (the main character) understanding of true friendship he has never had. Platt’s singing is pure and truthful as it makes spectators cry and re-think their relations with people (get tickets to Dear Evan Hansen musical and watch it).

It is hard to feel how powerful his acting is being behind the screen. When you are at the theatre his vulnerability is transferred with his voice which immediately sends shivers down your spine. Any oscillation helps us touch Evan’s soul in order to realize a disastrous loneliness he is in.

Viewers undergo heart-rendering feelings but they are meaningful. Moreover, they are aimed at preventing us from the situation the teenagers and their parents got stuck in.

Evan Hansen is a mirror for each of us. Those who look away are reluctant to confess to social and psychological problems they collide with. Evan’s confession is an unsaid redemption for many. Once you have felt a range of the above-stated feelings you are more than likely declare: Ben Platt is the best actor.

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